All you need is love.

But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Charles M. Schulz

Single Origin

Made from the finest cocoa beans grown in a specific geographical location, we invite you to experience real chocolate bliss. Ecological factors like soil, rainfall,
heat, humidity, and adjacent crops, infuse the unique aroma and flavor profiles, coveted by chocolate connoisseurs. Our luxury collection of
Single Origin chocolates will truly ignite your senses.


    A myriad of flavors, such as spice, caramel, citrus, vanilla, berries, and honey.


    Light floral and fruity notes, along with coffee, nuts, vanilla, and spice.


    Vibrant with a crisp citrus acidity, but grape, pineapple, and even cranberry notes are common as well.


    Well rounded taste with a distinct floral aroma.


    Bitter, sharp and smoky, and its range of flavors includes sharp red fruits, cinnamon and vanilla.


    Bold, assertive, and full-bodied. Soothing and gentle on the palate.

Unique Indian Combos

Replace the Indian sweetmeats with our specially crafted Unique Indian Combos for any festive occasion or celebration.
They are a combination of premium chocolates with Indian sweet fillings like Laddu or Gulab Jamun.


Pro or a beginner? We have put together a collection of chocolate recipes we think you’ll enjoy. Some are quite simple,
others may be challenging but the results are worth the shot.

Classic Chocolates

Be it mid-day cravings, morning sugar rush or a light dessert, we have a wide range of
Classic Chocolates to satisfy all your cravings.